We are excited to launch our new campaign to help raise and exceed the £140K needed each year to support our charitable work supporting children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities aged between 0-5 years.

BABS, Buy A Brick for Springboard, is a new initiative to encourage families, individuals and businesses to donate to this small specialist pre-school charity in the heart of North Wiltshire.

We have created a ‘brick wall’ in the school so that our supporters (both individuals and businesses) can donate and actually have their name displayed on a brick – building the foundation of the future.

This has been done many times in the charity world but one thing that makes BABS stand out is the launch video and soundtrack. Music Producer Adrian Chivers came into Springboard and filmed the children on a ‘typical day at play’. This looked so good that we decided to use the footage to promote the campaign. The search for a backing track ensued and Head of Music at Heywood Prep, Angelique Williamson, offered to write and perform an original and unique song for Springboard called ‘Sunshine’. Angelique, with the help of her band ‘The Red Bandits’ took on the challenge and found help from David Shepherd who recorded the song in his studio in Box.

We welcome donations of all sizes. To give you an idea on what your money will go towards:

£20 = could fund consumables for a playroom for a month!
£50 = could pay for a whole year’s supply of shaving foam! – think what fun we have with that!
£82 = could fund a 1.5-hour workshop for up to 15 parents and professionals
£100 = could pay for water for the sensory room for a whole year
£168 = could fund an assessment placement for a child. This is a group of six 1 ½ hour sessions
£275 = could provide all the playroom snacks for a whole year
£356 = could fund a morning or an afternoon session (2 ½ hours long) for up to 16 children
£1008 = could pay for 1 assessment programme per term = (6 per year)
£2000 = could fund a child’s place for a year (2 ½ hours for 38 weeks)

You don’t have to donate these exact amounts, we just wanted to give you an idea on what each donation could be spent on. We also have car stickers available at Springboard so you can show your support.

If you wish to have your name / company logo, on our supporting wall please email your details to Anne.

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