Learning & Development

At Springboard we assess children’s learning and development through the delivery of the Early Years Foundation Stage and applying the SEN Code of Practice for additional interventions and support.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development:
  • Making relationships, Self-confidence and self-awareness, Managing feelings and behaviour
Communication and Language:
  • Listening & attention, speaking, understanding
Physical Development:
  • Moving and handling, health and self-care
  • Reading, writing
  • Numbers, shape, space and measure
Understanding the world:
  • People and communities, the world, technology
Expressive arts and design:
  • Exploring using media & materials, being imaginative
At Springboard we aim to ensure that a child’s learning experiences are:
  • happy
  • active, exciting, fun and secure,
  • support his/her’s development, care and learning needs.
Multi-agency meetings

Springboard facilitates multi-agency meetings for families of service users to work as a Team Around the Child with shared action plans ensuring good support.

These include:-

  • Common Assessment Framework (CAFs)
  • Transition meetings
  • My Support Plan meetings

Springboard staff offer the following workshop sessions for parents, mainstream pre-schools and others involved in the children’s care and education:-

  • Pictures Are Powerful