The Frog Chorus – Springboard Style

Back when the nights were lighter and warmer and general thoughts turned to sandy beaches and ice creams, Springboard Chippenham were planning their Christmas song. Friend and supporter of Springboard Adrian Chivers (Music Producer) offered to help pro-duce a Christmas song using the ‘Frog Chorus’ as the theme.
What ensued were months of gathering snippets and soundbites from teams, groups and individuals from across the globe. People wanted to be a part of something special to sup-port and raise not only the much-needed funds for Springboard, but awareness too. Adri-an has had the unenviable task of pulling this all together.

AD said;
‘The love, care and passion given to the Children at Springboard is mind-blowing! I have worked on many other ‘celebrity’ filled charity records, Children In Need, Save The Children, Barnardo’s, but none that have brought me in direct contact with the source of the charity, the Children! Making this record has been a truly heart-rendering and humbling experience which has certainly put my own life and my family’s life into perspective! I feel privileged to be in the company of such good, generous kind-hearted people and can only hope that the money and awareness raised through this will make a huge difference to the children at Springboard for many generations to come.’

Clare commented;
‘When Adrian asked me to sing for Springboard, I was delighted to be a part of something so special and it’s fantastic to see so many involved – from the England netball team to the local Corsham Childminders group!
Springboard is an amazing place and they do an extraordinary job so I hope this Christ-mas song will help to raise much needed funds.’
Jane Boulton added;
‘This has been an extraordinary experience for us all at Springboard. What came from a tiny original idea of having a Christmas jingle to having video and song produced by Adrian is beyond all our expectations. We are overwhelmed by the genuine enthusiasm of every-one involved. There has been such a range of effort made to ensure that the children will benefit from this. On the day we recorded at Springboard, the centre was fit to burst with families, friends, choirs and staff all on site, it was an emotional day for all of us. This ex-perience has given us a unique way to showcase our work and ensure that the children are at the centre of everything we do. We have used Makaton signing in our recordings to demonstrate the importance of language development; singing and signing is so much a part of our daily experiences at Springboard.
We have had people making things, giving their time, sponsoring activities and ultimately singing loud and proud for us and for this we will be eternally grateful. We have made new friends and supporters as well as having the ongoing support of those who have been with us for a long time. We are especially grateful for the continued support from our patron Lady Lansdowne who has given us the “red carpet” opportunity for our launch.
This event is a part of the ongoing need to sustain Springboard. Thank you for helping to build a future with Springboard.