Springboard’s activities are overseen by a Management Committee comprised of the Trustees of the charity and of management. At the time of writing, the make-up of the Management Committee is as follows:


  • Mark Lenton-Jinks, Chair
  • Duncan Carter, Vice Chair, since 2013, Part parent
  • Natasha Billet, Treasurer since 2016, Was current parent now past parent
  • Rachel Viles, Friends Co-ordinator since 2016
  • Rory Sherwood, Special Educational Needs (SEN) Representative since 2015, Past parent
  • Paul Sweet, Nominated Person for Safeguarding since 2015. Past parent


  • Jane Boulton, Centre Manager since 2012
  • Anne Farrell, Secretary since 2012


  • Amanda Hornby, Garden Volunteer

Amanda came to our rescue to save our sensory garden. It is wonderful to have someone who comes and loves our garden in a different way to the children. The garden is thriving and it adds an incredible quality to our sessions.

  • Penny Needham, Playroom Volunteer

Penny supports the staff and children on a Thursday afternoon. She has been doing this for over 4 years now.

  • Kris Boulton, General and Garden Maintenance

Kris supports us by keeping our grass cut and ensuring that any nuts, bolts and screws are all as they should be. He helps to keep the sensory room functioning by changing water and checking the equipment.

  • Becky Rice-Chandler, Tuesday morning Rabbits group benefits from the kindness and support Becky brings, along with her tea making she has personal experience of attending this group.

Springboard is always very appreciative of the time our Trustees and Volunteers donate, whether this is in our playroom, garden, driving, admin or fundraising.

If you would like to become a Trustee or Volunteer at Springboard, please contact us for further details.