Springboard’s activities are overseen by a Management Committee comprised of the Trustees of the charity and of management. At the time of writing, the make-up of the Management Committee is as follows:

  • Chris Nunn, Chairperson, current parent. Contact: business@springboardchippenham.co.uk
  • Elaine Stewart, Vice Chairperson, Nominated Person for Safeguarding
  • Paul Loveday, Treasurer
  • Aaron Bewley
  • Paul Turner
  • Jessica Light
  • Jenny Ferguson
  • Paul Sweet
Non voting committee members:
  • Jane Boulton, Centre Manager since 2012
  • Anne Farrell, Secretary since 2012, Springboard Business Manager


  • The Marchioness of Lansdowne, Springboard are grateful for all the support received over the years by our Patron.