Dear Supporters,

Our Amazon Wish List is now open and contains a variety of items that would really help us out in 2024:

Toys & Equipment

This gives you the chance to buy hand-selected toys and play equipment for our children, but it also ensures we have the right quantity, as well as an age-appropriate range of toys and equipment to match the children that attend our centre. Every item on the Wish List has been selected  to be suitable for children in Springboard taking into account all ages, abilities, and conditions.

Everyday Essentials

All the everyday items that Springboard needs to function. Items include things such as nappy bags, wipes, tissues, paper, pens, food colouring etc. Not very glamorous but very much essential!

Click here to view the list and/or make a purchase

If you would like to and are able to help us by donating specific items, we’d be incredible grateful.

Thank you for your support


Jane, Simara, Sarah and The Springboard Team